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If you are in need of medical assessment and cannot get through to your Practice, please use our DoctorLink assistant 

About Octagon

Our Health Mission

The NHS is changing and with a record number of GP Practices closing, Octagon Medical Practice has been created to ensure your local service is preserved.

Our mission is to take best practices from our surgeries and roll them out across all our locations, and to provide a service which is sustainable and safe for our patient population.

Who We Are

Your current Practice will have been owned and run by a Partner or Partners. Octagon Medical Practice is a merger of Practices in the Peterborough, Wisbech, March and Huntingdon area, and as such is owned and run by the Partners from those Practices. 

We are contracted by the NHS to provide Primary Care services through our various locations.

What Will Change

Octagon Medical Practice is working at scale and will invest, not only in new technology to support Patient care and experiences, but also new services and clinics. 


This will provide a better Patient experience, reduce waiting times and support the wider healthcare system.


It will take time, but we can assure you that Octagon has not reduced staff, changed the way you interact with the Practice or reduced any service.


It is your responsibility to check your results and to make an appointment to discuss them with your clinician if you are advised to do so.

If your result comes back and medication or further treatment is needed a member of staff will contact you.

Please ensure your personal details are up to date so as we can let you know.

Repeat Prescription & Appointments

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