Frequently Asked Questions 

In the Classroom

Q. It is hard to get through on the telephone at my Practice?

A. We know that a number of Practices have struggled with

telephones. This is absolutely nothing to do with the merger.

The phone systems in many of our Practices urgently require

updating, the technology is old and is failing on a regular basis.

We are currently in the process of finalising our preferred provider

of a new system which will be rolled across all our Practices by the

Summer 2019

Q. Have you taken on more Patients, my practice seems busier ?

A. In the last 6 months, Octagon has grown its Patient list size organically by just over 3000 Patients, this excludes new practices coming onboard and normal expected growth through population increase. This is why we are recruiting new GP's and Nurses to cope with those additional Patients.


Q. Peterborough Practices have merged the patient list, how can I be sure my data is safe?

A. Patient data is held on a secure system called System One, every practice uses a system like this, it is not unique to Octagon. The patient data is extremely well encrypted and protected. Patient records will NOT be accessed by other locations other than your home practice, and we conduct regular audits and checks to ensure  those systems remain in place. Your records cannot in any way be accessed by Practices in other areas like Wisbech , Huntingdon etc and this also applies in reverse.

Q. Do you publish minutes from your Patient meetings?

A.Following a question raised at one of our Patient meetings, we have now created a Patient Participation group page and have added minutes from meetings we have held.

Q. How can you be sure you can manage as you grow?

A. We are putting appropriate management support in place locally, that ensures our consistent approach to care can be adopted as we grow. The Partner GP's in the new locations and the team, share our aspirations which makes the merger in these areas so much sense.