Is Patient Access secure?

Patient Access has a number of measures in place to ensure your data remains protected. 
The site has the same strong encryption for every page used for online banking and shopping. 

Please note: It is your responsibility to keep your login details and password safe and secure. 

If you feel that your record has been accessed by someone unauthorised, then you need to change your password immediately.  If, for whatever reason, you cannot change your password please contact the surgery and let us know so that we can temporarily remove your Patient Access until you are able to do so.


Please be assured that we will not share your data without your express permission.

The NHS has some of the best information systems in the world. Since the 1980s, the NHS has been collecting information about every hospital admission, nationwide.


This information is brought together at the Health and Social Care Information Centre, where it is anonymised (see link below to go to the NHS England site). The information has been invaluable for monitoring the quality of hospital care, for planning NHS services, and for conducting research into new treatments.  However, the information collected is incomplete, with areas such as prescribing and test results not currently included.  Additionally, while they have this type of information already for some care provided outside hospitals, there are significant gaps and as a result, it is not currently possible to see a complete picture of the care that individuals receive within the UK.


NHS England has therefore commissioned a programme on behalf of the NHS, public health and social care services to address these gaps.  It is known as the programme.  This initiative has been designed to ensure that there is more rounded information available to citizens, patients, clinicians, researchers and the people that plan health and care services. Their aim is to ensure that the best possible evidence is available to improve the quality of care for all patients in the UK.

What can I do on Patient Access?


Patients are able to:

  • Book appointments

  • Cancel appointments

  • Order repeat prescriptions

How do I join Patient Access?


To register for your online account, you need to request your login details from the reception. 

In order for our Reception team to grant access you need to bring in a proof of valid photo ID (i.e. a Passport or Driver's Licence). 


They will then print out your online login details, with all the information you need to join.

Please destroy this information after use. Your login details are unique to you, do not share them with anyone else. 

Who should I contact if I am having trouble with my account?


If you are having trouble with your Patient Access account, please contact the surgery and inform us. A member of the Reception team should be able to help you with your query. If it is something that the surgery cannot help you, we advise that you to contact Patient Access directly.

Can I access other family members accounts?


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) can create an account for children under the age of 12. However due to our confidentiality guidelines, all options will not be made available. Patients will only be able to book/cancel appointments and request prescriptions.


When a patient reaches 12 years old, the surgery will restrict all access to the Patient Access account.

To gain access to this profile again the patient will have to come in to the surgery and re-register the account.


This is due to the Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines.  Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines are legal terms used to determine whether a child (16 years or younger) is able to consent to their own medical treatment, without the need for parental permission or knowledge.

Clinical staff are trained to decide whether they feel a young person is mature enough to make and understand the implications of their decisions.