Complaints Policy 

Our care for you is important, however, if you feel that we have not lived up to that expectation, you can make a complaint to the Practice.


Our Policy is displayed in every Practice or you can read more here, and how to make a complaint.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to us, and we respect the need to treat it with due diligence. 

The Policy is available in every Practice or you can read more here.

Chaperone Policy

Being examined can sometimes be a distressing time. We understand that Patients need support at these times and our Chaperone Policy explains your right to have someone present during an examination.

This policy is displayed in all Practices or you can read more here.

Patient Record Request Policy

An access request for health records in accordance with the GDPR can be made in writing to the Practice. Our policy and details on how to make a request can be found below

Staff Abuse Policy

Staff in our Practice work for the benefit of Patients, their health and wellbeing. Our zero tolerance policy is attached to protect our team against any abuse.

Breastfeeding Policy

Octagon fully supports breastfeeding mothers in all of our Practices.

Our policy can be read below

Summary Care Record Policy

The summary care record (SCR) contains basic information including your allergies, medications and any reactions you’ve had to medication in the past

Treating Patients with dignity & respect policy

This Dignity and Respect, Policy sets out our commitment to treating all people with equality & diversity, valuing the diversity of all