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At Octagon we want to hear your views. We are committed to act on areas of improvement so that we can deliver the best possible service and care for our Patient community.

When we receive comments and ideas we will take them to our Management Team, and where appropriate act upon those comments and let you know here what action we have taken.

The telephone systems across many of our branches are old technology. It means we sometimes struggle with the volume of calls and this frustrates staff and Patients ........

Octagon have identified a new telephone provider, the system is the latest in technology and will allow us to have multiple lines into the branches. We will be rolling the solution out across branches and expect them to be fully installed across all locations before the end of the year.

You told us that you would like to have more interaction and have other communication channels. many new organisations have come forward and asked if Octagon can support them and the Patients they represent .......

In August, Octagon will have a dedicated Patient Liaison lead. This investment will mean that our Patients will have someone employed by the Practice o be on hand to listen and support them. They will work directly with new stakeholders and facilitate new services being introduced into the branches such as Dementia, Stoma Patients and our Forces Welfare.

You told us that the Repeat Prescription access page and online appointments, would be better on the front page of the website

You can now access the Repeat Prescriptions and online appointments either on the front page or under the Patient Information tab